Tiara Williams

Front of House Shift Lead


I feel this will be a great learning opportunity for myself and also an opportunity to make connections within and outside of the co-op. I started working at the Creamery when it opened. I have had the opportunity to work in many different positions, building relationships with co-workers as well as interfacing with customers. I believe I would be beneficial to the board by bringing both perspectives from employees and customers. As we continue to build and reform the structure of the co-op I will have ideas, and suggestions to bring to the table.

Working collaboratively to me is active listening while also open minded to hearing and receiving others ideas and upholding our own. It’s many diverse people working as one for the better of the co-op, by holding each other accountable to our mission and values, learning and respecting with the group.

Working toward achieving outcomes that consider all stakeholders I believe is not a speedy process. I would like to be a person that honors the process and reviews what strategies we as a board propose, I also think in the angle of unintended consequences to be sure we are not causing more problems. Doing so by talking with stakeholders to give options and find a compromise, and/or coming to a majority agreement as we continue to center the mission of the co-op.

My vision to sustain a healthy community starts with my experience at the Creamery. The surrounding community is dealing with many issues, addiction among them. I would like to collaborate on finding a way to involve us supporting positive solutions, this would include deep dives into trauma work and coming up with alternatives to these issues, so we can help support the trouble our community is enduring.

My contribution would be to hold the co-op accountable to the Ends Statement. Who are we missing and why do they not feel welcome? Making sure equity is not misrepresented as equality, and as I learn more about impacts environmentally, I would like to continue learning, however also keep the urgency of this issue on the table.