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detailed information about Co-op Wars Virtual Screening on Jan. 13

“The Co-op Wars” Panel Recap

On Thursday, Jan. 13, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, Seward Co-op hosted a virtual panel discussion about the original documentary film “The Co-op Wars.” “The Co-op Wars” tells the story of the idealistic youth who tried to build an alternative to corporate capitalism, the violent struggle that almost tore them apart, and their eventual…

Sweet Troo Vi

Sweet Troo Vi’s mission is “Eat Deliciously. Love Freely.” They exemplify this by giving back to their community with their cookies.

Celebrate 50 Years of Seward Co-op!

Seward Co-op opened its doors on a dreary winter day in 1972, during a time when food prices were sky-rocketing, faith in government was at a low point, and civil rights issues were at the forefront of evolving social movements. The world seemed increasingly fragile, alienating, and volatile, and people responded by participating in grassroots…

Honoring Indigenous Food Traditions

In fall 2021, Seward Co-op was honored to partner with local members of Indigenous-led organizations to share their ancestral knowledge through a series of cooking and lecture workshops. We are grateful for these leaders and elders for guiding the way in respect for the land, sustainability, and how we hold our places in history for…

Burdock-Wrapped Smoky Duck and Sweet Squash

This recipe uses an underground oven to cook the meal. Built into the earth, underground ovens are used to trap heat and bake, smoke, or steam food. Derek Nicholas from Division of Indian Work leads us through the process of crafting, prepping, and cooking a meal of peppery burdock-wrapped smoky duck and sweet squash using…  Read More

Fair Anita

Learn About Fair Anita Fair Anita collaborates with over 8,000 talented artisan partners and brilliant women to create jewelry, accessories, and gifts. Each artisan cooperative – across four continents and nine countries – specializes in different techniques and materials. All products are made by hand from materials sourced in local communities, making each Fair Anita…

Ferndale Market

Learn About Ferndale Market Ferndale Market was founded by Dale Peterson and his wife Fern in 1939 on some farmland in Cannon Falls, Minn. Ferndale came to be when the couple decided to name the farm after themselves by combining their first names. Through Dale’s studies in poultry science,  he learned the importance of raising…