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Produce at its Peak: Winter Radishes

Most of us are familiar with the crimson-skinned, green-top spring radishes, so when a craving sets in, this is the radish we crave. But when those beautiful, red radishes are unavailable, Seward Produce has to turn to winter radish varieties instead. Winter radishes offer an even wider array of colors, textures, and flavors than their…  Read More

The Good Acre

About The Good Acre The Good Acre is a local, non-profit food hub that connects and strengthens farmers, food makers, and communities through good food. The Pohlad family started The Good Acre in 2014, with the intention to develop a multi-faceted initiative to improve the local food system for diverse, independent farmers and to increase…

Cooking with Koshiki: Oyako Donburi (Virtual Class)

April 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Requested by a student from a previous class, Oyako Donburi is chicken, eggs, and onion cooked in a sweet and savory broth, served on a bed of steamed rice. Oyako Donburi is a widely eaten casual meal in Japan that brings comfort and is easy to make and economical. Enjoy the small dish of Namasu,…  Read More