Samantha Pree-Stinson

Organizational Psychology

I am motivated to run by our community. Our communities are rapidly changing because of displacement and people cannot afford basic needs such as access to housing and food.

Honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran that has served in Afghanistan. I am a team player who is focused on solutions and bringing people together. I approach work with a high level of integrity and respect for those that my work affects. I have board and committee experience: I serve as the at large member on the MET Council Equity Advisory Council, I am the co-chair of the Minneapolis Racial Equity Committee, and I have served as Board President at Minneapolis Telecommunications Network as well as 1st Vice President of the Board at KMOJ radio station in North Minneapolis.

Working collaboratively to me means that we do not use Roberts Rules or NDA’s to shut down discussion and we use a consensus model to make decisions.

As I described above, we have to perform true engagement especially with those who should be members in the community but are not for whatever the reason might be and with the employees. We also have to hold ourselves accountable and make sure that we are creating metrics for our leadership team that we are transparent with community about to earn trust and build true rapport.

I believe in a holistic approach to all of my work and it is part of my mantra for how I focus my life.

To do this I have to show up and be authentic and make sure that the statement of one voice is the voice of community. I am not the type of leader that is self-serving. I am a selfless leader who works tirelessly on behalf of community because I believe in delivering liberation to the underserved, marginalized, and oppressed communities that deserve to thrive.