Sally Nixon

Social Work

As a current board member, and former Seward Co-op employee for five years, I am motivated to run for another term as a director in order to continue the important work we have engaged in over the last three years. During my first term I attended multiple trainings to become more knowledgeable about cooperative governance and would like to utilize that experience to continue the work I have started on the board.

I have used my experience in both social work and public health career roles to observe and listen to community and stakeholder needs, while working with fellow board members to envision and act on our common goals in ways that are effective and aligned with our board duties. I have had the privilege of working with a uniquely diverse board of directors thus far, and believe that we have been able to work collaboratively due to our shared passion for the Seward Co-op community, and through the ways we have built relationship with one another.

I feel proud to be a member of Seward Co-op where efforts to meet more equitable outcomes for all stakeholders of the co-op continue to be made. This is an ongoing effort, and we have not yet rung the bell. If elected, I would continue to speak up and ask questions when it feels right or appropriate. I would hope to continue to challenge ourselves as a community to reach even further when considering how we can include people who have traditionally been marginalized from the modern food co-op atmosphere. I now have more information on how to do that from the position of a board member working via policy governance process.

We have been gifted as a community to be guided by the wisdom of Indigenous, Black and Brown elders and youth around how we can create a more equitable environment for the earth and our human community. I propose we continue to build relationship with, uplift and incorporate this wisdom and these voices into our strategic visioning as we continue along the path that reflects our already powerful Ends Statement at Seward Co-op.