Roderick C.K. McCulloch

Fresh Food Merchandising Coordinator


I have worked at Seward for almost seven years, in front line roles such as baker, cook, and shift lead as well as in positions of supervision and management. I have worked at all three locations and had the pleasure of being on a number of teams and implementing an array of projects. Last year I earned my Master’s Degree in Management of Cooperatives and Credit Unions. In my current capacity as Fresh Food Merchandising Coordinator, I have the unique pleasure of being able to work with fresh departments at both stores and also our production teams at the Seward Creamery building. This wide range of experiences has given me a strong sense of appreciation for the challenges faced at all levels of Seward Co-op decision making.

We are fortunate to be in a part of the country with a robust cooperative economy. I am proud to have an active role in that legacy and I would like to continue to contribute my energy towards strengthening our cooperative commonwealth. Seward will continue to be an industry leader through innovation, creative solutions and engaging with our communities in increasingly in depth ways. In my opinion, cooperatives are an integral part of the path towards a more equitable and sustainable future. In my time at Seward I have grown immensely. Through trial and error, coaching, and great supervision I have developed skills to work with a wide range of stakeholders to determine and implement change with the long-term success of Seward Co-op as the goal. We are very fortunate to have so many engaged staff and community members that make up our cooperative, with such diverse backgrounds and perspectives. My objective, if elected to serve on the board, would be to hear from and learn as much as I can about our members’ values and strive to have those values reflected in the ongoing visionary work that Seward Community Cooperative has been a part of for over 45 years.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.