Product Commitment


As a cooperative, we exist to meet the needs of our community with two full-service grocery stores and a café. We strive to offer products requested by co-op owners and other community members. We prioritize:

  • Products that meet unique needs in our community (such as WIC-allowed foods, international cuisines, gluten free, halal, vegan, etc.);
  • Organic products;
  • Fair-trade products;
  • Whole/minimally processed products; and
  • Humane treatment of animals.

Additional criteria we use when making product decisions include:

  • Ownership: local; small-scale; cooperative; woman owned, persons of color and indigenous (POCI) owned, GLBTQ owned, ownership by veterans and/or historically underrepresented populations.
  • Minimal negative impacts on the physical environment through sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, use and disposal.

Seward Co-op uses product and vendor standards to make purchasing decisions. As a cooperative, we believe in the power of economic democracy. Rather than discontinuing a product line during a boycott, we encourage shoppers to vote with their dollars.