How To


Tour Our Stores
Seward Co-op is happy to offer tours to our owners, customers and anyone in the community who is interested in learning more about our store and cooperatives. Stop by either of the stores' customer service desks to schedule a tour.

Seward Co-op's Classrooms
Both of Seward Co-op's stores feature a classroom. Registration for classes is available online. Learn about upcoming classes, music and in-store events here.

How to Shop the Co-op
Your guide to shopping smart — economically, environmentally, and socially. The co-op strives to provide healthful foods from local providers, while at the same time offering products and services that allow shoppers to stretch their food dollar. Here are some ideas to help you shop thrifty while shopping at the co-op.

Fruits & Vegetables
Check the reduced-priced fruits and vegetables in the discounted areas of the Produce department. By paying attention to the local growing season, you can buy the best local produce, often by the case. Use our Produce Storage Guide to know what you should eat it right away, a little later, or how best to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh into the future.

Shop the Bulk Section
You can buy exactly the quantity of cereals, grains and snacks that you want without paying for expensive packaging. Also look for tea, oils, and spices in bulk quantities. Seward Co-op also allows you to control the size of your portions, from eggs to meat to several deli products. You can purchase as much - or as little - of a product as you wish. Visit our Bulk page for a step-by-step tutorial on how to shop in bulk.

Green Bag Program
An incentive for customers who reuse their own bags to pack their groceries. For each bag used on a shopping trip (up to five) customers are credited $0.10. Bags can be canvas, mesh, paper, plastic, etc. The kind of bag is not important, its the fact that one is reusing!

Co+op Deals, SNAP and WIC programs
The Co+op Deals program offers two-week specials on products throughout the co-op. Co+op Deals flyers are mailed to all co-op owners in our bimonthly newsletter, "Sprout!" We also carry SNAP- and WIC-approved products. Look for labels on shelf tags.

Special orders
Seward Co-op gladly accepts special orders of case quantities and items not stocked on our shelves. Click here to read our guidelines.

Bargain Bins
The Grocery and Wellness departments' bargain bins contain discounted items. Also be sure to check for discounted baked goods at the Deli counter, as well as in the Bread aisle.