Seward-made Spring Items

ImageSeward Co-op's production kitchen is cranking out salads, entrees, dips, sausages and desserts for spring. Here are some highlights of what you'll find:

•Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
•Flourless Chocolate Cake Slice (Made Without Gluten)
•Thai Peanut Tofu Wrap (Vegan)
•Carne Molida Burrito


Jerk Chicken Sausage—Get ready for some real spice. Our sausage makers bring in ingredients from local Community Foods producers Kadejan and The Beez Kneez for this brand-new recipe. Familiar with the Seward-made Hot Link? This Jerk Chicken Sausage is even hotter, thanks to habanero and cayenne peppers.
Launch date: March 1

Persian Lamb Meatballs—Another new and totally delicious product, this Seward-made meatball is defined by the spice blend in it. Our sausage makers use spices found in Iranian cuisine, such as coriander, cinnamon and cardamom. Rose petals and star anise bring a sweet, fragrant and slightly spicy hint. Enjoy with tahdig (Iranian crispy rice) or baba ganoush—or at the center of a Persian stew.
Launch date: March 1

Lamb Umbrian Sausage—This sausage brings together two Italian sausages: Lucanica from the southern region of Basilicata and Luganego from the northern region of Lombardy. We use lamb and pork from Peterson Craftsman Meats that are soaked in red and white wine infused with garlic and bay leaf. The spices are earthy and sharp, complementing the pecorino romano and pine nuts.
Launch date: March 1

Shepherd's Pie—Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this Irish favorite packed with lamb from Peterson Craftsman Meats, a local Community Foods producer in Osceola, Wisconsin. Our pie is hearty and topped with mashed potatoes. Simply bake and enjoy!
Launch date: March 9