WIC is now eWIC

ImageWIC began transitioning from paper vouchers to an electronic payment card on Jan. 24. We’re excited that the new system provides a more consistent checkout experience for all customers, as well as some added flexibility for customers as to how and when to use WIC benefits. Seward Co-op shoppers may notice some changes around the stores as part of the federally required switch to eWIC.

Our Commitment to WIC
WIC (Women Infants and Children) is a program that provides resources to eligible families with young children. Seward Co-op became an authorized WIC retailer in the 1980s. We share WIC’s goal of ensuring young children receive good nutrition, and Seward Co-op’s mission is to sustain a healthy community.

New WIC Product Requirements
While Seward Co-op continues to negotiate alternatives, we now stock items required by WIC such as prepacked cheese, non-organic whole wheat pasta, and white eggs “with no attributes.” WIC determined “attributes” include cage-free, organic, brown and nutritionally enhanced.

Seward Co-op remains committed to the WIC program. We are proud to support access to healthy food for children and families. To participate in WIC, stores are required to carry all products specified in the program. At this time, we can’t opt out of certain items or provide alternatives as we have in the past.

For years, Seward Co-op subsidized key products to ensure access to cage-free eggs and certain organic products, such as baby food. Now that eWIC has launched, we must adhere to the new approved product list.

We worked with our distributors to bring in WIC-eligible cheese. Seward Co-op continues to look for distribution options to help expand our offerings while complying with the approved product list.

Contact WIC Office
Seward Co-op prioritizes products from humanely raised animals. We are working with the MN WIC office to advocate for quality food we believe should be available to everyone.

Your feedback may help create change. Seward Co-op staff encourages you to share your thoughts and concerns with the MN WIC office at 651-201-4444.