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Busy and on a budget? Our Nourish program is a great resource for meal planning or feeding a family of four in a snap. Reach for our list of Nourish staples (food and wellness items offered at a low price every day) and Nourish recipes, available at Customer Service. Nourish also includes needs-based discounts and classes.

Seward-made rotisserie chicken and ready-to-eat beans and brown rice serve as building blocks for easy, budget-friendly meals.

Try this simple recipe using ingredients from Community Foods producers that are also part of our Nourish program. Our rotisserie chicken is sourced from Kadejan in Glenwood, Minnesota. Salsa Lisa is a small, local, woman-owned business in St. Paul.

Easy Weeknight Chicken Burrito Bowl

Serves: 4
•2 cups shredded Seward-made
rotisserie chicken
•1/2 lb. each Seward-made rice
and beans from the Deli
•1 cup Salsa Lisa salsa
•1/2 cup sour cream
•2 cups shredded green lettuce
•1 cup shredded Monterey Jack

Grab your ingredients at Seward Co-op. Assemble at home. Enjoy! Vegetarian? Use avocado instead of chicken. Vegan? Make a simple guacamole instead of using sour cream and cheese. Or try our selection of vegan cheeses. We love Punk Rawk Labs, a small, local, woman-owned Community Foods producer that makes nut milk cheeses right here in

For a super easy meal, top the burrito bowl with ingredients from our salad bar that have already been washed and prepped. .

“Staples” signs on the shelves highlight great everyday deals and some of the co-op’s most affordable foods and wellness products. All Seward-made products are part of the Community Foods program

Pro tip: Save the chicken bones and make stock that could be used to repurpose the leftovers from this recipe or add flavor and nutrients to another dish.

•Kadejan Rotisserie Chicken (salt & pepper, herb, or Cajun) $9.99 whole | $5.99 half
•Beans and Brown Rice | Available fresh daily and served hot at the deli counter | $1.99/lb.