Treats Without Tricks

ImageThis Halloween, shop your values without sacrificing fun.

At Seward Co-op, we go beyond raisins, dental floss and toothbrushes (though we have those, too!) and carry treats from organic, allergy-friendly companies like YumEarth and cooperatives that care about fair trade like Equal Exchange.

Candy corn, candles, spooky reusable ChicoBags—we offer those and more, so both you and your kids are happy this Halloween. Want a unique treat? Toss in organic maple candies from local Community Foods producer Maple Valley Cooperative.

Need a simple last-minute costume? We have Natural Earth Paint face paint and creature-themed hats and mittens from Andes Gifts (another fair trade-conscious company).


For us and many of our shoppers, Halloween candy has to be more than sweet. When it comes to chocolate, fair trade certification is one of the easiest ways for our shoppers to know that the cocoa beans used to make it were not farmed using unpaid child labor or by inflicting other human rights abuses.

Look for Community Foods logos around the store to support the local, small, cooperative, inclusive and/or sustainable producers that qualify for the program. Community Foods brings an extra level of vetting to our shelves—and helps to tell the story behind our sweet treats so you can feel good about what you put in your basket.

With Community Foods, you can make sure that what you hand out this Halloween not only tastes good but does good, too!


Thank you to Mandy Makinen of National Co-op Grocers for inspiring this post.