Jack and the Green Sprouts-Alfalfa Seeds Recall

Jack and the Green Sprouts is issuing a voluntary recall of its Alfalfa seeds out of caution due to illness that is unofficially linked to the seeds. All tests done for contamination have come back negative. There are no known contaminations. Between Nov. 27 2015-Feb 25 2016, Seward Co-op sold product affected by this recall at both the Franklin and Friendship stores.

Jack and the Green Sprouts Alfalfa Seeds – bulk item ($17.49/lb.)
PLU: 2604

If you purchased the above product at Seward Co-op between Nov. 27 2015-Feb 25 2016, recalled products will be fully refunded at either our Franklin or Friendship store Customer Service desk. Questions may be directed to Seward Co-op’s Franklin store at 612.338.2465 or Friendship store at 612.230.5595.