Garden of Life raw meal

Garden of Life LLC is voluntarily withdrawing a limited quantity of its Raw Meal Organic Shake & Meal chocolate, original, vanilla and vanilla chai because they have the potential to contain Salmonella Virchow. Though Garden of Life routinely performs pathogen testing on every finished good lot to ensure safety and no product has ever tested positive for the presence of Salmonella, the company felt it was in the public’s best interest to take this voluntary action. Between Sept. 1, 2015 and Jan. 30, 2016, Seward Co-op may have sold nine raw meal products with lot numbers affected by this recall at both the Franklin and Friendship stores. If you purchased any of the products below at Seward Co-op during that time period, please return them to either the Franklin or Friendship store customer service desk for a full refund. The products that remain on the shelf are lot numbers unaffected by the recall.

RAW Organic Meal Chocolate (32-35 oz.) retail $57.99
UPC:0065801011593 Lot Numbers: 47198800, 47225900, 47249200, 47226000, 47226100

RAW Organic Meal Chocolate (16-17.4 oz.) retail $26.99
UPC:0065801011695 Lot Numbers:47226200, 47226201, 47247800

RAW Organic Meal (2-3 oz.) retail $5.49
UPC:0065801011553 Lot Number:47214800

RAW Organic Meal (32-35 oz.) retail $57.99
UPC:0065801011414 Lot Numbers: 47214600, 47236000, 47248901, 47246500

RAW Organic Meal (16-17.4 oz.) retail $26.99
UPC:0065801011696 Lot Number:47225800

RAW Organic Meal Vanilla (2-3 oz.) retail $5.49
UPC:0065801011612 Lot Number:47248000

RAW Organic Meal Vanilla (32-35 oz.) retail $57.99
UPC:0065801011602 Lot Numbers:47216100, 47225500, 47198601, 47225600, 47253900, 47216200, 47225601

AW Organic Meal Vanilla (16-17.4 oz.) retail $26.99
UPC:0065801011693 Lot Numbers:47226400, 47257401

Questions may be directed to Garden of Life at 1-866-465-0051, Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.