Sweet Leaf Tea Recall

The FDA is issuing a recall on Sweet Leaf tea in glass bottles. The recall was issued because glass fragments were found in Sweet Leaf tea bottles. This recall has not been linked to illnesses and we do not currently carry the affected products at any of our locations.

The following varieties of the 16 oz. Sweet Leaf tea were affected and sold at $1.99. Sweet Leaf Tea Raspberry (6-5153806703-6, Sweet Leaf Half and Half Lemonade Tea (6-5153806708-1), Sweet Leaf Tea Original (6-5153806700-5), Sweet Leaf Tea Peach (6-5153806704-3) and Sweet Leaf Tea Mint and Honey (6-5153806701-2). The product would have been sold between Feb. 27 and Sept. 10, 2015. Recalled products will be fully refunded at either our Franklin or Friendship store Customer Service desk.

Click here to be directed to the FDA's website for specific lot numbers and dates.