Epic Provisions Recall

On June 19, EPIC Provisions announced a voluntary recall involving all production dates and flavors of EPIC Animal Oil products. This recall is being issued because of a production issue that has the potential to cause a food safety risk. Consumers are advised to destroy any products in their possession that are included in this recall. These products are carried at both stores and have been removed from the shelves and destroyed. Affected products were sold from December 2016 through the present at both stores. All lot codes and best by dates are potentially impacted by this recall.

EPIC Cage-Free Traditional Duck Fat $9.99
UPC: 85466000602

EPIC Pastured Pork Lard/Fat $9.99
UPC: 85466000601

EPIC Grass Fed Beef Tallow $9.99
UPC: 8546000600

If you purchased this product at Seward Co-op between December 2016 onward, it will be fully refunded at either our Franklin or Friendship store Customer Service desk.