Produce at its Peak

Local produce season will be peaking very soon—when almost everything is available to us, from spring vegetables like herbs and radishes to winter crops such as cured onions and squash. And of course there’s the fruit; we will soon see local peaches, melons, and then apple and pears.

If you look around Seward’s produce departments you will see staff pick signs letting you know which produce staff members are enjoying, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share my favorites! As a produce buyer for over 10 years, I’ve developed relationships with many local farmers and farm groups and I’ve eaten the best they have to offer. Some of my “picks” include:

  • Wheatfield Hill’s sweet corn arrives early and stays around late in the season, consistently delivering sweet and plump kernels.


  • Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA)’s okra and ground cherries—coming soon!—Local okra is the only kind to eat and HAFA's Indian variety is firm and velvety.


  • Hearbeet Farm’s beets and greens—These beets are pristine and available from June all the way through April. Char, collards, and kale are all perfect staples to have in your diet!

  • Featherstone Farm’s kale and sungold cherry tomatoes—Some of the largest bunches of kale I've ever seen are grown at Featherstone. Their sungolds are bright and sugary-sweet everytime.

  • Wisconsin Growers Co-op’s provides the first local watermelon of the season, and they can't come soon enough! As the season progresses we will see between seven and ten different varieties.


  • Sin Fronteras’ tomatillos—coming soon!—Simply roast and blend into salsa verde for a refreshing summer dip!

  • Partner Farms’ peaches are dynamic, lively, fresh, and juicy. Cinderella Plums are my absolute favorite stone fruit and Seward Co-op will be the only place in town that has them. Don't delay, once these arrive they won't last long!

All of the local farms Seward buys from are certified organic, growing organically, or using high level integrated pest management practices. You can be assured that you’re getting the freshest, most nutrient dense, and most cared for local produce available.