The Power of Positive Investments


Just six weeks into our capital campaign, Seward Co-op owners have invested $788,500 -- 31 percent of our $2.5 million goal. With roughly ten weeks left in the offering, we are well on our way to securing the investments needed to build the Friendship Store and renovate the Creamery. In addition to purchasing shares of Class C stock or making a loan to the co-op, Seward Co-op is offering another opportunity to contribute to the success of these projects. Beginning this week we will be selling a t-shirt designed by Minneapolis artist Tammy Ortegon and 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards our capital campaign.

The Friendship store is anticipated to open in the summer of 2015. Recently we closed on the six properties owned by private individuals and the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. The co-op now owns seven of the eight project properties, and we are in the process of purchasing the final property, which is owned by the city. We continue to work with the architects on design development and have scheduled a groundbreaking event this summer on July 12. This progress is exciting and each day makes the Friendship store more and more tangible.

The redesign and renovation of the Creamery Building is also underway. Currently, we are addressing the accessibility of the building through the design of a new entryway and elevator. We are also in the midst of a remodel of the second floor, which will offer much-needed office space. We are excited about the developing design and how our choices will positively impact the possibilities for the first floor where we plan to include food production facilities and a small café.