Signatures From Property Owners Acquired

We are happy to announce that we have the required signatures from property owners needed to move forward with a second store at 38th St. and 3rd Ave. This exciting development has been in the works since the last community meeting, hosted by the Friendship Site project task force* on Nov. 6, 2013. At that meeting, we gathered feedback on the proposed preliminary site plan.

With the signatures from the property owners who reside within 100 feet of the project site in hand, our next step will be preparing a rezoning request application. The Friendship site properties are currently zoned as residential, and in order for a grocery store to be constructed, the area must be rezoned to commercial and parking. One of the main elements of the project package that will be submitted to the city for approval is the site plan, which shows how the store, parking lot and green spaces will be placed on the property. Our site plan includes ample parking for customers, a new alley design, new sidewalks around the perimeter of the property, and ornamental fences combined with new decorative plantings and trees. You can view the plan (pdf) here.

Also, check out this petition, which any community member can sign, in support of rezoning the project properties.

*The Friendship Site task force is comprised of members of the Bryant Neighborhood Organization, the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization and area residents.