Counting Down and Building Capital

We are more than a week into June and, with more than $1.5 million in owner investments, we now have less than $1 million remaining to raise. We have been aiming toward June 30 — the end of our fiscal year — as our goal date for attaining the $2.5 million in owner capital needed to complete our expansion projects. While we could continue to raise capital throughout the summer, we are eager to redirect the energy behind this campaign toward more community building and realizing the Friendship store and the Co-op Creamery. June 30 is also the final day for owners to purchase shares of Class C stock and still receive the full 4-percent dividend from this fiscal year in July (although Class C shares will still be available for purchase after June 30 and eligible for the dividend from next fiscal year). At 60 percent of our goal, raising the remaining amount in less than three weeks isn't impossible, but it will depend on our owners rallying in support of Seward's expansion. If you are still considering an investment, we are here to answer your questions and assist with your investment. Stop by the Customer Service desk, or contact me at 612-314-2012 or