Sabathani Food Shelf Receives Record-breaking SEED Check


June 5, 2014 --Reps from Sabathani Community Center Food Shelf received their record-breaking SEED check from Seward Co-op in a small but very moving ceremony today. Seward owners and shoppers gave more money in the monthly register donation program’s history at $18,470.

Sandra Richardson described Sabathani's various programs for aiding low income people in the Bryant-Central neighborhood and what $18,000 would mean to the Community Center.

Kevin Sanders, who runs the Food Shelf operationally, spoke about his experience as a recipient of SCC’s Food Shelf and then becoming involved as a staff member. The Food Shelf’s message of healthy eating resonated deeply with Kevin, so, he says, he made key changes in his diet and lifestyle thanks to this program. He was touched by the large amount that Seward shoppers donated to Sabathani and how much food it would purchase.

From left to right: Cindy Book, Interim Director; Kevin Sanders, Basic Needs Supervisor; Sandra Richardson, Sabathani Family Resources.