Have thyroid concerns? Join Dr. Sara Jean Barrett N.D. this Saturday

ImageWhen your thyroid doesn't function well, it can affect every aspect of your health -- depression, energy levels, weight, everything.

Since undiagnosed thyroid problems can dramatically increase health risks, it's important to understand the complexities surrounding the thyroid. This Saturday at Seward Co-op, you can learn what key nutrients are needed for healthy thyroid function with Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, N.D. (left). Discover what you can do to naturally improve thyroid function and increase your energy, mood, and metabolism.

This is a terrific opportunity if you have questions or concerns about thyroid health. Dr. Sara Jean Barrett is a Naturopathic doctor in Bloomington, MN who treats patients of all ages with a variety of health concerns. Her passion for her practice is demonstrated in the strong relationships she builds with her patients. It’s those relationships that allow her to more deeply identify underlying causes of health issues and provide patients with personalized, natural health care options.

Register at the co-op Customer Service Desk, or get more details about the class here.