Record-breaking Seward Donations for Sabathani Community Center

In May, Seward Co-op shoppers made a bold statement: They raised more SEED money in a single month than ever before.

Seward shoppers rounded up to give $18,470.35 to the Sabathani Community Center food shelf in May, the largest single month of fundraising in the history of Seward's SEED program!

The co-op is very pleased that Seward's community to stepped up like this, since Sabathani will be our nearest neighbors when the new Seward Co-op Friendship store opens next year. Sabathani's mission is:

"To provide people of all ages and cultures with essential resources that inspire them to improve their lives and build a thriving community."

Seward is VERY pleased our shoppers recognized that Sabathani's mission is so similar to our own.

We hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Sabathani!