3 Ways to Help Seward Co-op

ImageTo make the Friendship Store and Creamery Building projects a reality, Seward needs to raise $2.5 million by June 30, 2014.

Want to help us do it?

Here's how:

1. Invest

We're offering an investment opportunity to Seward's owners that will make you money while strengthening the financial base of Seward Co-op. We aren't asking for donations or a handout -- these are stocks and loans with a rate of return to you, Seward's owners.

Our target return on investment for what we call "Class C Stock" is 4%, which many owners have reported is a better deal than their credit unions or banks have been offering.

"Owner loans" are another option and rates vary between 3.5–5.5%. More information is available in the offering summary found in investment packets at the Customer Service Desk in the store. Or, call 612-314-2012 to speak with Jill Livingston, Seward Co-op's Owner Capitalization Coordinator.

Image2. Buy a Tammy Ortegon "Grow Together" T-shirt

These shirts are gorgeous, feel great, and cost $30. All proceeds go toward our June 30 goal, so if you already invested or don't have the funds for such a financial step, buying a shirt and wearing your pride in Seward is a great way to go!

You can find them by Register 4 in the co-op. They'd make a terrific gift, don't you think??


See the "share" buttons at the bottom of this post? You can help Seward by spreading the word about our investment campaign on your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

You can share the above pic as a meme on social media, too!

Not big into social media? That's totally ok. Instead of tweeting, talk up our investment opportunities the old fashioned way at parties, coffee shops, dinners, or at neighborhood social functions.

One last very important way to spread the word. If you have friends who aren't yet owners of the co-op but who shop here frequently, now would be a terrific time for them to "seal the deal" and join Seward. The more owner-members the better, and, besides, only owners can invest...