New Seward Co-op "Grow Together" T-Shirt

The next time you're in the big green co-op, go to register lane 4 and you'll find a display of brand new, crisp and beautiful t-shirts that are brimming with cooperative POWER:


These shirts were designed by Tammy Ortegon, a South Minneapolis artist where she runs the ColorWheel. Ortegon has also been a founding board member of Women Create (a women's art collective) and SMARTS (South Minneapolis Arts Business Association), and we're so fortunate to have her expertise for this shirt.

Ortegon's art on the "Grow Together" t-shirt shows the dynamic community surrounding our co-op at a time when huge things are possible: The Friendship Store, the purchase and development of the Creamery Building, and the capital investment campaign to make these projects happen.

In fact, all proceeds from the t-shirt will go to Friendship/Creamery capital campaign, so buying a "Grow Together" shirt is a two-fer: It's a terrific way to contribute to Seward's twin expansion projects AND proclaim your pride in your co-op's vibrant community.

Learn more about investing in your co-op to make the Friendship Store and the Creamery building project a reality.

If you would like information on these investment opportunities, please check out frequently asked questions here, and request the offering document from Customer Service or by contacting Jill Livingston at 612-314-2012.