Smart Dads Remember "Sale and a Coupon: No Way!"

Note: Sale prices on the items mentioned in this article ended Tuesday, April 15.

You know "shave and hair cut two bits," right?

When you're at the co-op today, hum the words Sale and a Coupon: No Way! to that tune and it'll help you remember to save a boatload of money. It's a little trick I taught myself as a dad who loves to shop at Seward.

How does sale-and-a-coupon save me money?

When Seward has Co+op Deals, we also have manufacturers coupons for the same products sometimes. When that happens, both the sale and the coupon apply to your purchase. Like this:


When some products are on special through the Co+op Deals program, manufacturers’ coupons for the same items are often available. When that happens, both the sale and the coupon can apply to a purchase. Like this: On Co+op Deals, Westbrae organic black beans are $1 off per 25 oz. can (reg. $3.19). Use the coupon from Westbrae, placed right on the shelf for you, and receive another $1 off for two cans.

Pretty sure you can do the math, but I always have to spell it out for myself to be sure. Without these two deals, I'd spend $6.38 for two cans, but:

$1 off per can + $1 off per two cans = $3.38 for two (about 1/2 price) or $3 off for every two I buy, and I buy a lot of black beans since my son declared himself a vegetarian. Deals like this made me start humming:

Sale and a coupon? No way!

Here's another example:


Sale-and-a-coupon on Stonyfield organic 6 oz. yogurts. These are great for kids' lunches so I buy them by the armful. On sale for $.79 (reg. $1.19), I'm already saving $.30 each. Plus the Stonyfield coupon, bless them, these yogurts are $1 off for three. Let's double that for a week's worth at six because that's how I have to buy them for my daughter who loves Stonyfield:

($.30 off + $1 off per three) x 2 = $.55 per container.

If you're a dad who likes to buy organic for his kids, prices like these at a store where I prefer to shop (call me the "Co-op Pop") straighten my posture and make my eyes bug out.

One last example of sale-and-a-coupon-no-way:


I'm not wild about breakfast cereal for my kids, but I'm a smart dad who chooses his battles carefully. If it's on sale, I can think Snackanimals as a treat, especially if I need them to clean their rooms later in the day.

Barbara's Snackanimals normally go for $5.39 each, but with Co+op Deals they're $2 off, and with the coupon from Barbara's, they're another $1 off for two boxe. That means, Smart Dad saves four bucks. Sale and a coupon? Kids get allowance this week!

There aren't necessarily a lot of these sale-and-a-coupon-no-way combo deals, but when Seward has them, I'll often save a ton on staple items or foods that will go fast in my household (one last equation: two voracious kids > six yogurts + two black beans + two boxes cereal boxes).

Just remember "sale-and-a-coupon," and you'll save money. Besides, as a guy I happen to know that no dad can resist that old tune...

* @NprMichael on Twitter read this post and adds, "my favorite is sale + coupon + quarterly member discount. I call it the co-op trifecta!"