L.T.D. Farm's Goose & Duck Eggs Exclusively at Seward

LTD Goose Eggs are at the co-op and , boy, is Vanessa stoked.

It may not feel like spring yet, but that doesn't matter to L.T.D Farm ducks and geese.

Our friends at L.T.D. reported a week ago that, in defiance of the Upper Midwest polar vortex, their ducks were laying. Last year, L.T.D.'s ducks laid much later, so we presumed here at the big green co-op that we wouldn't see their duck or goose eggs till the Seward CSA Fair or so.

"We were so excited that they started laying early this year," Khaiti French said told us when she made the delivery today.

Khaiti brought a quick, first shot of duck and goose eggs today, and, for now, the only place you can get them is Seward Co-op -- as fresh as you can get, short of living on LTD Farm.

If you've never cooked with duck or goose eggs before, you should give it a whirl. These eggs are thicker, heavier in consistency and are much richer. You'll have to adjust your recipe or proportions if you want to switch out hen eggs for duck/goose eggs because their bigger, too ( a goose egg is roughly the size of your fist). Also, be prepared to use some muscle cracking these eggs, as the shells are much thicker.

Recipe: Hole-in-the-Wall Breakfast

This one's great for kids who might need a little wooing when it comes to trying ducks eggs, which are richer and heavier than the hen eggs they're used to.


1 duck egg

1 slice of bread

2 strips bacon or 2 Seward Maple Sausages

Butter for the pan

salt and pepper to taste


- Fry the sausages/bacon as usual

- With a drinking glass, cut out a hole in the slice of bread

- Place a pan on medium-low heat. Put in the butter (or butter the bread, both sides). Let your kid eat the bread circle. Place the bread-slice in the pan when the butter is melted and crack the duck egg into the hole you made with the glass. When the duck looks almost done, and before the bread is too brown, flip it and fry till finished.

Serve with bacon or sausages criss-crossed over the duck egg.