Eat Local Farm Tour

On Saturday, July 20, co-op members and shoppers are invited to travel both within and beyond the city to visit local farms by participating in the third annual Eat Local Farm Tour. Eighteen sustainable Minnesota producers are on board for this year's tour, giving attendees the opportunity to experience a diverse mix of small- to large-scale farming operations, including vegetable, poultry, beef, dairy and bee farming. New additions to the 2013 tour include three urban farms! Most tours will be self-guided, and participants must provide their own transportation.

Look for copies of the Eat Local Farm Tour guide book in the co-op, or download a PDF version. In it, find suggested tours for visiting several farms within specific regions. Follow the directions from farm to farm, or, if you prefer, make up your own route using this online map. More information can also be found on the Eat Local Farm Tour Facebook page.