Meet Seafood Producers Cooperative


Seward Co-op is partnering with Seafood Producers Cooperative to bring even more sustainable fish to our Meat and Seafood case. The fish are caught one by one through hook-and-line methods and chilled within minutes right on the boat.

“We’re one of the last small-boat, hook-and-line fishing fleet in the North Pacific,” said Caven Pfeiffer, a fisherperson-owner of the worker co-op with offices in Washington state. “Our Sitka harbor, where the majority of boats are co-op members, is home to over 600 trollers and longliners who fish the Gulf of Alaska. Nowhere else, including both coasts, are there this many hook-and-line fishermen that use traditional methods of low-impact fishing.”

In 1944, a group of halibut fishermen started a company that they owned to deliver high-quality fish from ocean to market and to safeguard the fairest price for their work. More than 70 years later, Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) is fighting to survive as the modern seafood distribution system keeps fisherpeople from a fair price for their catch and seafood fraud runs rampant.

“Strengthening the cooperative economy? Check. Sourcing wild caught Alaskan fish from one of the most sustainable methods available? Check. Bringing in high quality, delicious Coho, Keta, and Halibut for co-op owners and shoppers? Check. This was a win-win-win opportunity and we’re thrilled to be able to offer their products.”

—Roderick McCulloch, Seward Co-op’s fresh food merchandising coordinator

A direct relationship between fisherperson and Seward Co-op promotes transparency and traceability in the supply chain. SPC’s Alaska fisherpeople will personally deliver products and offer educational opportunities at Seward Co-op stores. To be able to work directly with SPC means Seward Co-op is able to offer their extremely high-quality wild caught fish at very competitive prices,” said Roderick McCulloch, Seward Co-op’s fresh food merchandising coordinator.

“This is one of those prime examples of how cooperative economics creates mutually beneficial outcomes. Seward strives to support sustainable meat and seafood production; to be able to do so through a co-op-to-co-op connection was a clear choice. ”

Seafood Producers Cooperative is a small-scale, sustainable and cooperative Community Foods producer. Find their fish at the meat and seafood counter at both stores.