February SEED Recipient: The Cultural Wellness Center

ImageThe money raised through Seward Co-op's SEED roundup program in February will go to the Dreamland Co-Café, a project of the Cultural Wellness Center.

The Dreamland Co-Café project will create a blend of Culinary Heritage, self-love, and business incubation for African American food entrepreneurs in a cooperative and supportive environment that will allow us to reconnect, rediscover and reinvent the culinary traditions of our past.

The Cultural Wellness Center is located at 2025 Portland Ave. S. in Minneapolis. The Cultural Wellness Center promotes health and healing through exploration of an individual’s culture.

Part of the Cultural Wellness Center’s philosophy is, “Everyone has culture and no one culture has the authority to impose a universal truth or reality. We create a space and a process for people to privately study their own culture, hold internal dialogues, practice ritual, and ceremony—as well as to come together with people from other cultures to learn from each other and to celebrate, work, and learn together as a unified community. As we move into the future, successful and mutually beneficial interfacing of different cultures will be critical to creating sustainable health and wellness in community.”

Round up at the register at all Seward Co-op locations throughout February and support the Cultural Wellness Center’s Dreamland Co-Café project!