Walk-In Counseling Center Receives SEED Donation


Seward Community Co-op would like to thank all who rounded up at the registers in May to support Walk-In Counseling Center as part of the co-op's SEED program.

Kuzala Macaroons approached the co-op to partner on May's SEED donation. The Minneapolis company donated a portion of profits from co-op sales in May to benefit Walk-In Counseling Center.

Kuzala Macaroons co-founder Christopher Dark joined co-op and Walk-In Counseling Center staff at the Seward Co-op Creamery Café on June 14 to help present the donation and celebrate this new partnership.

Walk-In Counseling Center in Minneapolis provides free, no-appointment, anonymous mental health and crisis counseling in English and Spanish.

According to Walk-In, the SEED donation "will support keeping our free services available, meeting increased demand and raising awareness around mental health."

Learn more about Walk-In Counseling Center at walkin.org.