Midwest Food Connection's Valentines for Veggies


Midwest Food Connection (MFC) is a local education nonprofit founded by local food co-ops, including Seward Co-op. MFC provides lessons in cooking, gardening, and eating healthy food to elementary school students. Since 1993, they have reached more than 60,000 children.

MFC receives many thoughtful and caring letters from students. Through drawings of fruits and veggies, colorful hearts, and earnest writing, they show their appreciation for the food that we shared together and their newfound interest in cooking and gardening.

Every kid deserves this kind of education, but MFC receives requests to teach in schools that cannont pay for lessons. Show area students some love by supporting food education. By investing in students, as the co-op does with sponsoring MFC, we support the next generation of conscientious eaters, farmers, and food workers! The money you give directly enables more access to food education in underserved schools.

Give online at: givemn.org/organization/Midwest-Food-Connection

Send a check to:
Midwest Food Connection
P.O. Box 18749
Minneapolis, MN 55428