Farm Table Dinner with Southside Community Health Services


On Jan. 16, we kept the cold outside to share warmth and good food at the Creamery Café’s third Farm Table dinner, with Southside Community Health Services. Chef de Cuisine Matt Kappra provided a mostly vegan, multi-course meal to celebrate our partnership with Southside, the co-op’s SEED recipient this month. Crisp and refreshing beverage pairings featured locally-made kombucha from Feral Beverage Co.

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and fungi were abundant in a spinach citrus salad, hearty kale and bean soup, and slow roasted mushroom “ragu”. Though other Farm Table dinners have featured meat protein, this choice of ingredients was specifically inspired by Southside’s work as a community clinic that regards food as medicine. In support of that philosophy, Southside Community Health Services offers a “prescription CSA” program", as well as cooking classes. Their work serves patients who cannot afford good food or who may struggle with the costs of medication. Viable community partnerships, like the one with Seward Co-op, expands what Southside can do as a community clinic.

Seward Co-op Creamery Café may be a stop on your way to work or a go-to brunch or happy hour choice for your family. To many of us, it’s more than that. We’re happy to offer the Creamery Café as a space to learn and share experiences with those who are committed to expanding access to nutritious food. Stay tuned for future opportunities to engage with other community partners, as well as with local farmers and producers, at the café.