Thank You, Leo Sanders


This past October, the Annual Meeting allowed us to bring to the stage one of Seward Co-op's longest-term employees, Leo Sanders, to celebrate his retirement this winter. Leo first started with Seward Co-op as a volunteer 40 years ago. He became part of the co-op’s last collective in the early ’80s and returned to the co-op in the late ’90s. During his tenure here, he watched the co-op grow from 18 employees to what it is today with over 300 employees. He is also the only employee to have worked at Seward alongside all four general managers we’ve had.

Leo at Seward Co-op in 1982.

Those who know Leo appreciate his calm under fire, his incredible sense of humor, and his dedication to cooperation and hard work. Leo cites the people he works with as what he enjoys about his career at Seward Co-op and said, "I'm grateful to work in a business that has intentionally articulated a Code of Ethics to live up to, Ends to guide our decision making and a Scorecard to keep us on track." General Manager Sean Doyle speaks for all of us at the co-op when he expressed how grateful we are to Leo for his years of sacrifice and service. The co-op would not be where it is today without his leadership.

Thanks, Leo.