Thank You From Cooperativa Organica Madre Tierra!

From Oct. 6–Oct. 8, 6,748 customers donated $3,695 through SEED. Seward Co-op will contributed a $1,000 match, as well. Funds raised were donated to Cooperativa Organica Madre Tierra, a cooperative in Puerto Rico comprised of 100+ farmers—owners of the cooperative—who have lost everything. Below, is a letter from their Board President Mayra Nieves Rosa.

This photo was taken at one of our farms before the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria.

Dear Seward Co-op owners, staff, and shoppers,

First, forgive me for the delay in sending this thank you note. We still have no electricity in many parts in Puerto Rico and the internet remains intermittent.

We, the Cooperativa Orgánica Madre Tierra, want to thank the Seward Community Coop for the donation received through the SEED program.


The Placita Roosevelt, where we usually celebrate our market, was damaged by the hurricane.

Your donation contributed tremendously to our organic market and to the farmers and producers that are part of this cooperative. We were able to contact about 17 farmers and producers (out of 40 that usually participate in the market) and celebrated our first market on October 15three and a half weeks after the destructive Hurricane Maria hit us. By then, about 17 of our members were able to gather what they saved from the Hurricane and prepared food and products for a community that was also lacking and looking for healthy food. Being able to celebrate that market brought hope and strength to a community that needed hope, and you are part of it. Thank you!

Three-and-a-half weeks after Hurricane Maria hit land, Cooperativa Orgánica Madre Tierra farmers returned to market.

It is the spirit of love, solidarity and cooperation like yours that is feeding our strength and determination to continue in this process of recuperation. We will continue working to bring back our ecological agriculture. Our farmers and producers are working to bring back families, communities and farm fields.


Your help has been so needed and appreciated. It is great to know that we have our sister cooperativa, Seward Coop in Minnesota. Please know that you now have a sister coop here in Puerto Rico...Cooperativa Organica Madre Tierra. We are here to serve and hope to return your kindness in the near future.

Thank You!

Mayra Nieves Rosa
President Board of Directors
Cooperativa Organica Madre Tierra