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Know Our Grower: Heartbeet Farm

Heartbeet Farm, outside of Lake City, Minn., is a relatively new producer for Seward Co-op. Owned by Joe and Rebecca Schwen, Heartbeet uses a combination of draft horses, small tractors and other technologies to grow a wide variety of vegetables. In coordination with Earthen Path, a farm long owned and managed by Steven Schwen (Joe’s…  Read More

P6 Product Feature: Seven Sundays Bircher muesli

August means the last stretch of summer and peak season for fresh fruit. How best to bring that to breakfast? Try a Swiss-soak breakfast made using Seven Sundays Bircher muesli and fresh peach puree. Seward Co-op’s version uses creamy Cedar Summit milk, a dollop of tangy Rochdale Farms yogurt, and fresh peach puree made from…  Read More

Know Our Grower: Gardens of Eagan

Gardens of Eagan (GOE), a 100-acre certified-organic farm near Northfield, Minn., has always been a place to learn about and grow organic produce. After more than 20 years of growing vegetables, farmers Martin and Atina Diffley leased their farmland to the Wedge Co-op, selling the co-op their 20 tractors and well-respected brand name. Overnight, in…  Read More

Letter from the General Manager

Since our relocation in January 2009, Seward Co-op has had tremendous success. Our growth has put the co-op in a very good position that affords us the opportunity to build for the future and serve more people in our community. Over the past three years, the board, management and staff have had discussions about what…  Read More

Board Compensation Proposal

Vote occurred by Seward Co-op owners in 2013

The Seward Co-op Board of Directors is asking our owners to approve a change to board compensation to include a monthly stipend for board members. In keeping with our stated goal of creating equitable economic relationships, the stipend would reflect the value that board members create for our co-op. Owner control, as enacted through the…

Eat Local Farm Tour

On Saturday, July 20, co-op members and shoppers are invited to travel both within and beyond the city to visit local farms by participating in the third annual Eat Local Farm Tour. Eighteen sustainable Minnesota producers are on board for this year’s tour, giving attendees the opportunity to experience a diverse mix of small- to…  Read More

Know Our Grower

The vitality and sustainability of our local food system depends on the presence of a diverse network of growers and the support of a dedicated consumer base. Seward Co-op’s annual Know Our Grower program is an opportunity to connect shoppers with the talented group of local farmers producing our food. This year we are pleased…  Read More

Spring Holidays – Passover and Easter

Get creative this spring holiday season with natural egg-dyeing using bulk herbs and spices. Read below for more, and check out this natural egg-dyeing guide from Frontier Co-op. Ingredients (per each color)4 cups of water2–4 Tbsp. ground herbs and spices (see below for suggestions)1 Tbsp. white vinegar4–6 hard-boiled eggs MethodBring water, vinegar and herbal-dye ingredients…  Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

The co-op is even greener this weekend, as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Look for special St. Paddy’s features around the store. Irish cheeses: Irish Harp cheddar – Maple Leaf Co-op, Monroe Wisc.; Dubliner cheddar – Kerrygold, Ireland; Cahill’s Irish cheddar with whiskey – Ireland; Cahill’s Irish cheddar with porter – Ireland Meat & Seafood:…  Read More

Party Time

The first months of the new year offer occasions to gather with family and friends without the pressures of preparing big holiday meals. In other words, it’s party time! As winter progresses, it brings several snacking opportunities, with the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and March Madness. When planning your party, aim above the bag…  Read More