Michelle Winter Hanson

Senior Marketing Manager

I’m running for a position on the board of directors because I want to become more involved in advocating for our community and the efforts of Seward Co-op. For the past several years, my family and I have been members of the co-op because we believe in shopping locally and supporting equitable economic business practices. As a member of the board of directors, I hope to leverage my 20+ years of experience in marketing to positively impact the vision and goals of the co-op. Additionally, this position would provide a unique opportunity to learn from other board members and co-op owners in a collaborative environment.

Throughout my career, I’ve had responsibilities that include leading by influence, fostering diverse relationships and maintaining profitable growth. It has required a tremendous amount of patience and resiliency. There are bound to be disagreements and roadblocks along the way. As a board member, I would hold myself accountable for listening to others and carefully weighing ideas. The long-term impact of new policies has to consider all key stakeholders and the competitive market. We need to work together to maintain a progressive business model that appeals to existing and potential owners.

The primary reason why I chose to be an owner was the knowledge that the co-op was supporting local farmers and vendors. Everyone should have access to healthy food that’s grown locally. My kids, husband and I shop at the co-op on a weekly basis for food, household items and the occasional splurge. Since my kids were toddlers, the co-op was identified as the “green store” because of its exterior. Now that they’re older, the green store has a more holistic meaning in their hearts and minds. We’re aware of the inclusive culture and commitment demonstrated at both store locations.

I believe in supporting businesses that value social responsibility and encouraging others to do the same. As a potential board member, I would support transparent conversations allowing for Seward Co-op’s continued growth and inclusivity.