Karen Barnes

Travel Agent

Productive of desired effects: efficiency. The measurement of how the community responds. For means an event for the community which will state the intense of the participation also have survey for ideas of events to be sponsored by all Seward Co-op stores and definitely survey and comment forms for the customer to fill out on voluntary basis, all of the above is part of efficiency give for the community. Now I touch of productive of desire effects this is what be done productive for example periodical give a ways to customer to have a desire effect on a community.

Seward Co-op advertise website about survey and comment forms. When there is an event be social able event. For example the board is there to greeting the community who the customers that are members and non-members.

The social given to the community will reward with an event and recognize of Seward Co-op. Even though I am a travel agent my experience in dealing with a particular community in Minneapolis it is the Midtown Phillips Community where I reside. A community that needs to be educated about how beneficial a travel agent is for any travel plans and cruises. Educate through fliers and emails to answer question.

The Ends Statement is the reflection of the above explanation of what is the productive of desired effects are efficiency. Create an environment for the member and non-member through communications. The results will occur a positive and beneficial results.