Josie Karr

Internal Communications Coordinator


Seward Co-op brings me joy. Marie Kondo has taught me that we need joy in our lives. For more than four years, I’ve been an involved member of the co-op community. I studied Organizational Communication at Augsburg University, right across the highway from the Franklin store and Creamery Café. I lived in the Friendship store neighborhood and was one of its founding employees. When I started at the co-op, in my second year of college, I never knew it would develop into this life-long love. My co-op journey has been a crucial part of my development as a person and a member of this incredible community. Seward co-op’s dedication to equity and engagement inspires me to advocate for the workers and owners of this community.

Having worked in two locations, three departments and five positions at the Seward Co-op, I bring a unique, multi-faceted perspective to the board of directors. My connections to store workers and owners unite ideas from all levels of the co-op family. In my current position as the Internal Communications Coordinator, I spend much of my time receiving and responding to feedback from workers at our three locations. I’ve learned so much from this community’s compassion, intelligence, perseverance and call-outs. This is the heart of collaboration—being willing to give and receive feedback. Feedback from all of our stakeholders makes me and this community better every day. My vision for the co-op includes continuing work on restorative justice, compassionate response to community issues, and providing accessibility for low-income households to utilize the co-op.

Seward Co-op’s impact has emboldened me to stand up for all peoples’ stakes in matters of economics, environment, and socially responsible practices. I feel that serving on the Seward Co-op Board of Directors is the best way for me to support and advocate for you all. If given the opportunity to serve, I will work tirelessly to open channels of communication to build trust in the co-op community. I want you to feel the same joy about Seward Co-op that I feel.