Joe Riemann

Joe Riemann is an accountant for Seward Child Care Center and co-founder of Cooperative Principal, a federation of cooperative investment clubs. Previously, Joe was Associate Director at Shared Capital Cooperative and the manager of finance and administration for Land Stewardship Project.

He also held a number of positions at The Wedge Community Co-op, including produce staff, the organic certification coordinator, and developer of farmer relations and consumer outreach materials. During that time, he also worked on food and environmental policy research at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and worked extensively on domestic fair trade issues. Joe has also been a worker-owner at Equal Exchange cooperative where he helped start a Midwest distribution center, as well as develop and implement their fair-trade banana program. Through these experiences, Joe has gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are unique to democratically owned and operated businesses, here, and around the world.