Joe Morris

Front End Shift Lead


I am running for the board of Seward Co-op because my coworker Nahrissa Rush, who has occupied the employee designated seat for the past year, is leaving her position at the co-op. I believe it is critical that the designated employee board seat be held by someone who can speak to the everyday needs of workers. Since this seat may be held by employees in management positions, I am running specifically as a member of the bargaining unit and a floor worker. I additionally support my friend and coworker Addie Davis who is also in the bargaining unit and running for this seat. While I have great respect for individuals working in Seward Co-op management roles, I think that those of us who work on the floor are best able to reflect the staff as a whole and would bring invaluable perspective to the board of directors. Having a floor worker in this seat also supports a structure of inherent transparency, since we are accountable to members every day.

My dedication to Seward Co-op is evidenced through the quality of work I bring to the Franklin store Front End and the relationships I have built with members and other staff. Both Addie and I have diverse relational expertise from our experience in customer service at the Franklin store, and the interdepartmental nature of our work has given us a broad perspective representative of all workers. I hope that Seward members will trust one of us with this seat on the governing body. If given this opportunity, I hope to support the board in developing new community engagement strategies to take advantage of our active member base, while balancing the interest of workers within this leadership group.