Dustin Mackbee

Human Services

My motivation to run is to support and encourage the newbies, like myself, who may not be as seasoned as our average owner or shopper. I’d like to be an ambassador to those in our community who may not embrace or even understand, as I didn’t, the enjoyment and wellbeing that healthy eating, and ownership, can have on one’s life.

Another inspiration for running came from an article about the recent activity at our Franklin store. The piece was addressing the recent increase of panhandling and substance abuse in the parking lot and bathroom(s). As a long-time Human Services worker, focusing on the issues of homelessness and substance abuse, I felt I knew what was coming next in the article, that of criminalizing those in need.

I believe with over a decades’ worth of experience in Human Services, I have something to offer our community and the board with regard to this and many other issues that inner-city establishments, like our own, encounter.

I would hope to achieve positive and progressive outcomes for all stakeholders by simultaneously acknowledging who we are as a cooperative and where we’ve come from, while also seeking to be imaginative and ahead of new trends and markets.
Working alongside other members as well as the general manager, I’d strive to work collectively to ensure uninterrupted excellence in governance.

I believe that the desire of the co-op to continue to educate and encourage healthy eating is directly in line with my vision for the future. Acknowledging that healthy eating is not highly encouraged in my community and making efforts to shift and alter that is very important to me. Like a large majority of those in our community I unfortunately did not grow up in a household where healthy eating was an option solely for economic reasons. I see the outreach that we do; geared to adults and children alike that inspire and reassure them both that it’s possible and beneficial.

I’d strive to continue to keep environmental issues at the forefront of our minds, focusing on our responsibilities to our neighborhoods, cities and overall community.