Lenny Nelson

ImageLenny is currently the Building Services Foreman with the MDVA Veterans Home in Hastings, Minn. He has a BA in communications/education and is a retired Army Veteran with 26 years of service. During his tenure, he was a Food Service Advisor responsible for many brigades of soldiers. During his duties in Southwest Asia Lenny was fortunate to work with various staff from around the world; their food service skills and cuisine was the best he has ever witnessed. He managed food service operation feeding thousands of troops, civilian contractors, and local personnel daily. Many culinary awards were won as a result of their excellence in fine dining.

Originally from Queens, New York City, Lenny and his wife currently reside in the Bryant neighborhood of Minneapolis. He is proud to be a board member at Seward Co-op and fully enjoys his duties. Encouraging healthy eating and promoting wellness is his passion. In his spare time Lenny enjoys bowling, social gatherings, going for walks with his dog Bobo, watching football, and good music. He looks forward to working towards positive outcomes within the co-op that will promote an increased awareness of good health and longevity.