Cassandra Meyer


A life long frequenter of Minneapolis co-ops, I’m a regular shopper at the Franklin store. I support our co-op over alternatives because of Seward’s Ends Statement and the social and environmental values the co-op promotes. I’m grateful for the past few years serving as a board member. I’d love to continue for another term.

As an undergraduate, I double-majored in civil engineering with an environmental focus and American Indian studies with a Dakota language focus; I attended graduate school for sustainable design and currently work as an engineer. I’ve worked in immersion settings with preschoolers to grandparents learning different topics while immersed in Dakota. Whether discussing gardening, eating, or composting, food is always a great unifier.

In all my experiences, transparency increased both accountability and credibility. The board has recently been having more open dialog in our standing meetings, and taken steps to increase connections with owners. As a board we’ve been making progress in ways that increases accountability with owners, and there’s always room for improvement.

As a director and treasurer, I pushed for and helped start board listening sessions with owners; helped establish standing comment periods during board meetings; developed the election candidate guide based on owners’ requests. I’ve helped work on increasing equity in board policies and executive limitations, specifically how the board conducts business and treatment of staff. I’m on the recently formed Audit Committee. We’re learning about internal controls, looking at more training opportunities around finances for board members, and supporting management in efforts to provide updates to owners about the finances of the co-op.

Many issues the co-op is grappling with are difficult to work through. Equity, racism, challenging economic markets, impacts from the pandemic. Tackling these things and more, while providing constructive feedback and productive asks of management is not easy. I do my best to bring everything I have to board work, to fully engage in difficult conversations, and keep working towards the vision for Seward.

There’s so much we’ve started as a board and so much farther we need to go. I’d love to continue being part of that process.