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Flash Deal! 10% Off Seward-made Broth and Soup

Enjoy 10% off all packaged Seward-made deli soup and bone broth (chicken and beef) this weekend. Our broth is great for sipping or making a nourishing soup of your own! The kinds of soup depend on what Seward Co-op’s deli is whipping up. Saturday and Sunday only (2/16-2-17) at the Franklin and Friendship stores. While…  Read More

Sip Seward-made Bone Broth

Seward-made bone broth is back! Bone broth is a seasonal favorite for Seward Co-op shoppers. It’s a great way to combat the cold outside while getting a soothing boost of collagen and nutrients. This year, we’re offering sipping bone broth drinks at the Deli counter and bone broth (chicken and beef) ready for your favorite…  Read More

A Cut Above the Rest: Whole Carcass Butchery

Through whole carcass butchery, our Meat and Seafood staff preserves connections with local farmers—and a unique skillset you can’t find at most conventional grocery stores. Our in-house meat cutters know our producers and can speak directly to how the animals are raised before they are sold in large pieces to Seward Co-op. In many cases,…  Read More