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Interview with Heartbeet Farms

In the summer of 2015 we interviewed Rebecca of Heartbeet Farms on their family farms and their practices.

2020 Virtual CSA Fair

Join us in a virtual celebration of farms that provide our community with delicious food throughout the growing season. We are featuring 25+ local CSA farms here on our website and on social media, showing what life has been like at the farms this past year and the adaptations farmers have had to make. We…

Starter Plant Sale

Seward Co-op is hosting a plant sale from Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, June 5. The sale will feature starters from Riverbend Farm. For some time, the co-op had been in search of additional opportunities through which to work with this values-oriented farm. Riverbend is a pioneer in organic seed saving, and they seek the…  Read More

Know Our Grower: Heartbeet Farm

Heartbeet Farm Co-op shoppers! This Saturday, producers from Heartbeet Farm will be in the Franklin store! This family farm is owned and operated by Joe and Rebecca Schwen. Located in Zumbro Falls, Minn, the fields that now comprise Heartbeet Farm are the same fields that Joe was raised on and where he learned to farm.…  Read More

Know Our Grower: Heartbeet Farm

Heartbeet Farm, outside of Lake City, Minn., is a relatively new producer for Seward Co-op. Owned by Joe and Rebecca Schwen, Heartbeet uses a combination of draft horses, small tractors and other technologies to grow a wide variety of vegetables. In coordination with Earthen Path, a farm long owned and managed by Steven Schwen (Joe’s…  Read More