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New Seward Co-op Website

Seward Co-op launched a new website today! As servers are swapped and cache is cleared, it may take up to a day for folks to be able to see the updated website upon visiting seward.coop. The new site is a lot more visual. Our hope is to deliver a digital experience in which users can…

New Year, Everyday Ways to Save

Busy and on a budget? Our Nourish program is a great resource for meal planning or feeding a family of four in a snap. Reach for our list of Nourish staples (food and wellness items offered at a low price every day) and Nourish recipes, available at Customer Service. Nourish also includes needs-based discounts and…  Read More

Recipe: Seward-made Sweet Spanish Sausage

Our Sweet Spanish Sausage is based on a traditional Catalan sausage—called Butifarra Dulce. It’s popular during the winter holiday season, with flavors reminiscent of egg nog or mulled wine that are only enhanced by the traditional cooking method of poaching in water or sweet wine with cinnamon and lemon zest. This sausage features pork and…  Read More

Essential Winter Recipe: Beef Shank Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon is one of the most quintessential braises. This recipe utilizes a lower cost cut of beef: the shank. It’s flavorfully marbled and ideal for a long, slow-cooking recipe. Your home will smell amazing, and the meat will fall off the bone. Seward Co-op’s Meat and Seafood department is accepting orders now for special…  Read More

Bulk Sale, Thursday, Oct. 19

Seward Co-op opened in 1972 on the corner of 22nd and Franklin avenues. In the beginning, the co-op was run by a core group of volunteers and had a modest selection of products with a heavy emphasis on bulk goods. Today, we have an abundant selection of bulk foods and wellness products to inspire both…  Read More

National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious, seasonal soups? Check out Seward Co-op’s favorite soup recipes on WCCO and chili recipes on Kare11. Old Fashioned Corn and Potato Chowder 2 1⁄2 cups cooked corn (canned is fine)2 cups diced potatoes1 Tbsp. butter1⁄4 cup onion, diced1⁄2 tsp. salt1⁄8 tsp.…  Read More

Slow Cooker Goat Tacos

Low and slow is the way to go whenever cooking goat. As a starting point, follow the same cooking techniques that you would when cooking lamb. This slow cooker goat taco recipe is accessible to both newbies and seasoned veterans. Ingredients 1 14 oz. can tomato sauce 3 chipotle chiles in adobo, finely minced 1/2…  Read More

Recipe: Grilled Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

We have some delicious organic blueberries in the Produce Department right now, some of the sweetest of the year so far. They’re from California, but the price makes them a great choice for all the grilling you’re going to do this Memorial Day Weekend. What? Grill blueberries? Oh, yes. Here’s a simple, tasty recipe for…  Read More

Produce at its Peak: A Wild-Crafted Spring

While we anticipate the regional greenhouses and fields to produce in earnest, we are already enjoying an ephemeral bounty from forest and stream with wild-crafted watercress, nettles, and ramps. Harvested by trusted and familiar P6 farmers from Keewaydin and Harmony Valley farms (both in Wisconsin), these wild-crafted plants are nutrient dense, distinctly flavorful, and fleeting.…  Read More

L.T.D. Farm’s Goose & Duck Eggs Exclusively at Seward

It may not feel like spring yet, but that doesn’t matter to L.T.D Farm ducks and geese. Our friends at L.T.D. reported a week ago that, in defiance of the Upper Midwest polar vortex, their ducks were laying. Last year, L.T.D.’s ducks laid much later, so we presumed here at the big green co-op that…  Read More