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The Science of Emotional Eating (Virtual class)

February 15 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Are you finding yourself browsing in your pantry more in the last couple months? The truth is, emotional eating is an effective tool for relieving stress! While that cookie may make you feel better in the moment, it’s not truly a solution to your emotional strain. Join Jesse Haas, functional nutritionist and co-founder of Wellness…  Read More

Recipe: Warm Up with Three Sisters Soup

This soup features the ingredients of a Three Sisters Garden, a Native American tradition of growing corn, beans and squash together. Cooked together they make a great soup that is popular with vegetarians and vegans. Three Sisters Soup is a soothing first course for a holiday meal or an everyday comfort food using the gorgeous…  Read More

Bearded Brothers Recall

On Dec. 20, Bearded Brothers announced a voluntary recall of Bearded Brothers bars due to mold found on random bars. Consumption of this product may (but likely will not) cause sickness. The mold is visible to the eye. Seward Co-op does not currently have affected product on the shelf, but may have sold it between…  Read More