Staff Picks

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  • Sunleaf Natural Soap

    Sunleaf Naturals Soaps

    Sunleaf soaps are locally made and great for hair and skin! Since they are biodegradable, I often take them with me on vacation. — Jared, Wellness

  • Moody Blue Cheese

    Moody Blue from Roth Cheese

    Moody Blue from Wisconsin’s Roth Cheese is a smoked blue with a creamy, buttery texture, whose smokiness is a perfect match for a grilled burger. — Katie, Cheese

  • Elderberry


    As a herbalist and member of the Produce Department, one of my favorite items in the store is River Hills Harvest pure elderberry juice and jam. Elderberries are known for boosting the immune system and assisting in flu prevention and recovery. A daily spoonful contains amazing amounts of vitamins A, C, B6,...


  • Maple Leaf Smoked Gouda

    Maple Leaf Smoked Gouda

    This Wisconsin gouda is naturally smoked to perfection and absolutely delicious on crackers and sandwiches. It's also very affordable, so go ahead and grab that big ol' piece. You won't regret it. — Shelly, Cheese