Seward Co-op’s Produce Department is a seasonally focused, information-based department. Our goal is to present a wide variety of fresh, healthful produce at reasonable prices. The vibrancy of the Produce Department attests to Seward Co-op’s overall quality and commitment to freshness.

We receive multiple deliveries daily and support our local growers as long as the season allows. When availability permits, we strive to offer a consistent yet varied supply of staples; including several kales, various hot peppers, a wide selection of winter squash, gourmet mushrooms, fresh herbs and assorted grapes and berries. When available, we also carry seasonal, specialty items, such as passion fruit, stevia, Hakurei turnips, fingerling potatoes and many kinds of root crops.

Produce staff are always available for questions, comments or requests. At 6 a.m., we begin receiving orders, assessing quality and refurbishing displays. Throughout the afternoon and evening, we thrive on talking shop and helping plan meals, menus and inspiring, delectable produce choices. The appearance of the department changes daily. Combined, our Produce staff offers more than 175 years in produce, grocery retail and farming experience.

A delightful part of our job is meeting and developing relationships with local growers. We are in contact with more than 30 local providers, many of whom deliver directly to the co-op. It’s also not unusual for growers to make appearances in the store, getting to know the people who support them — Seward Co-op shoppers!

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Special Orders
Seward Co-op gladly accepts special orders of case quantities and items not stocked on our shelves. Click here to read our guidelines.